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Gebardi Sugo Rosso Pasta Sauce

Gebardi Sugo Rosso (Nana's Thick, Rich, Red Gravy) - Pasta Sauce

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Sugo Rosso...Nana's Sunday gravy, this naturally gluten-free, gourmet pasta sauce has been lovingly passed down 4 generations from our family to yours. Over the last hundred years, Sugo Rosso has been our family favorite. This slow-cooked, thick, rich red gravy is simply divine over spaghetti or any pasta, meat and more. Unlike any other pasta sauces on the shelf, we use ingredients like Parmesan cheese and creamy butter to naturally thicken our sauce and add robust flavor. All natural, low in salt, sugar and no MSG. 1 jar serves 4-6 Covers one whole lasagna. Ingredients: water, crushed tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato paste, Parmesan cheese, butter, beef base, garlic, spices, sugar, salt (May contain whole bay leaf, which can be discarded.)

  • Gebardi Sugo Rosso...Nana's Thick, Rich, Red Sunday Gravy
  • This versatile gourmet sauce is fabulous over any pasta, lasagna, bread and many meats
  • A delicious gourmet gift for an old-world, traditional Italian family meal.
  • 1 jar serves 4-6
  • Naturally Gluten-Free, no MSG

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