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66cm Aluminum Pizza Peel Shovel with Wooden Handle

66cm Aluminum Pizza Peel Shovel with Wooden Handle

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A pizza peel is a shovel-like tool used by bakers to slide loaves of bread, pizzas, pastries, and other baked goods into and out of an oven. It has a flat carrying surface (like a shovel's blade) for holding the baked good and a handle extending from one side of that surface.


- Color: Wood color, silver.
- Material: Aluminum, wood.
- Size: 66 * 30.5cm.
- Transfer pizzas, delicate breads, pastries, into an oven where transferring them directly by hand could deform their delicate structure.
- Peels allow food to be placed further back in an oven than could normally be reached by the baker.
- Keep the baker's hands out of the hottest part of an oven, or prevent the baker from burning their hands on the hot baked goods.
- Prior to use, peels are often sprinkled with flour, cornmeal, or milled wheat bran, to allow baked goods to easily slide onto and off them.

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