Make Authentic Chicago Pizza with Gebardi
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About Us

  • Gebardi Foods produces "Notoriously Delicious" Italian Foods
  • We believe in bringing families together and that making and eating meals together can bring joy, health and happiness to families and friends. When we developed our product line, it was with the heart of bringing people back home to eat and giving them better than restaurant quality choices.
  • Our headquarters are located in Sandpoint, Idaho, although we made the huge move from Chicago back in 2005.
  • We started selling our products in 2009, but we've been feeding our extended family forever. Watch our home-grown commercials and you'll see what we mean. All of those people in our commercials are not only actors, but also dear friends, neighbors and family.
  • We've been online since 2010 and our Amazon shop has been open since 2015
  • Our team is led by David and Christine Heneise, our founders
  • You can reach customer support at 208-597-6077. You won't believe how we love to spend time with our customers, making sure they have happy tummies.
  • Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram